Thursday, May 22, 2014

Bricolage: Art With Dimensional Materials - Joan Snyder

Joan Snyder - My Life - 1996, oil, straw, velvet, silk and plastic
grapes on linen, 48" x 54"

For this year's Annual Encaustic Conference, the eighth consecutive year for this wonderful conference, held in Provincetown, Massachusetts at the Provincetown Inn, the dates are Friday, June 6, through Sunday, June 8th. Here's the blog link that gives all the details.  I will be giving a talk on Friday, June 6th, entitled, Bricolage: Art With Dimensional Materials. I am presenting the work of more than 15 artists who transform objects and materials into bricolage works - both wall mounted and free standing.

Several of the artists I am including in my talk have videos and other online presences, so I intend to feature some of them in this blog.

I am very pleased that Joan Snyder, wonderful painter, will be among those I am featuring. Here's a 10-minute video by James Kalm of Joan Snyder's 2010 show at Betty Cunningham Gallery. From this video you can really get a sense of the dimension she adds to her paintings with materials such as textiles, paper mache, flower parts, mud, straw, feathers, herbs, and many more.

Note that Joan Snyder will also be teaching a week-long master workshop at Castle Hill Center for the Arts in Truro, September 8 - 12, entitled The Anatomy of Your Painting. And finally, here is Joan Snyder's website where you can see more of her work.