Monday, August 29, 2011

LEONARDO DREW - Three Small Works

I hate for this to be a totally dead blog, so although I'm not actively posting to it, from time to time I intend to put up a few images.

Leonardo Drew in his studio 2008 (image from the internet)

Recently on the internet I came across these three pieces by Leonardo Drew, one of my favorite artists. Although he makes giant gallery-size work, he also makes smaller pieces and that's what these three are. I hope you enjoy them. For more of Drew's work, see Sikkema Jenkins or Drew's own website. Or, you can also see my posts in Art in the Studio about his work: at DeCordova and in New York February 2010. Also, here is a link to the show Existed at the Blaffer Gallery in Houston that has some videos included.

Drew's work is a prime example of bricolage. He says that he thinks of materials as "markers of cultural history" and the materials that he uses are all or mostly all found on the streets or in various other locations. Drew does not title his work, but numbers it. (BE SURE TO CLICK ON THE IMAGES TO ENLARGE.)

I do not have the number for this one, size is 24"x24"x9"

No. 131, 40"x40"x12"

No. 142, 24" x 24" x 8.5"